About My Translations

In 2018, I have opened my agency in writing, web editing and translations, mostly for websites, but not only, in Figeac.

Depending on your target audience, creating a multilingual website might be essential. You’re a professional in a tourist activity such as a hotel, a bed and breakfast, a campsite? It would certainly be interesting to communicate in your potential customers’ languages on your website. Are you a real estate agent? Your foreign customers will appreciate reading your website in their own language. Are you working with countries in Europe or around the globe? Make sure your future relations can read your site!

Work with a translator, not with a robot!

Once you have a website, you need a translation. Sure, you can ask Google to translate, but I am really not sure your site will be nice to read and without mistakes. I am actually pretty sure it won’t be nice to read, and it will be full of mistakes. If you want to address your (future) clients in their own language, you might as well do it right! Dutch is my native language and I speak/write French and English very well.

This is not only essential for your (future) clients, but also for Google and the Search Engine Optimisation. As a web editor, I am used to write for Google, so as a translator, I do just that as well!